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Coworking has become increasingly popular in recent years, because many companies went fully remote during the pandemic and a lot of us have discovered that yes — we are social creatures!

Many of us still want to have social interactions and to make friends, even though we can work from home. And some people need that office vibe with other people working in the same area to be their most productive.

If you’re facing any of these struggles, why not become a coworking member?

Here are some of the benefits of coworking!

Dedicated Workspaces

Coworking offices provide dedicated workspaces, which are designed to optimize productivity and focus. This means that you can avoid distractions and stay on task while you work.

Many people find it challenging to separate their work and home life when they work from home. Coworking spaces provide a dedicated workspace outside of the home, which can help establish a clear boundary between work and personal life.

Having worked from my bedroom for several years (before and during the pandemic), I know how difficult it is to relax completely when “work” is in that corner of the bedroom. Always looming, always there.

While work thoughts sometimes creep into my home life, it’s much easier to have that work/life balance when work is not in your bedroom.

The home office in the bedroom can also be disruptive when you have to put in a late night and your partner wants to go to bed! By having a separate place to go to work, you can keep your home life peaceful and non-disturbing to your housemates.

Cost Effective

Coworking spaces typically offer flexible membership options that allow you to choose the level of service you need. This means that you only pay for the space and amenities you use, rather than investing in a full-time office space that comes with a fixed set of overhead costs.

For Space Coast coworking in Melbourne, FL, Protowork•Studio has a number of coworking plans available based on the level of access. We even have a Florida real estate broker virtual office plan for real estate brokers operating in the state of Florida.

Here’s a little more about our available coworking plans:

  • The Virtual Plan: This is a great way for service-based businesses to have a professional mailing address for business mail or the occasional client meeting.
  • The Hotdesking Plan: Ideal for remote workers or non-profits wanting to come in during the typical business workday.
  • The 24/7 Plan: Ideal for remote workers or entrepreneurs that need flexible access hours to include nights, early mornings, and/or weekends.

Each plan has a set amount of conference room hours and marketing/tech support included.

Since we are family-owned and operated, we’re happy to make a custom plan just for you!


Coworking spaces provide flexible membership options, which means you can choose when and where to work based on your schedule and preferences. This flexibility can help you structure your day in a way that maximizes your productivity.

Our 24/7 plan allows you to come into the office at any time, including nights and weekends. Perfect for night owls, weekend warriors, or entrepreneurs!

We also have day passes available for those who want to come in a few times per month or week.

Community support

Coworking spaces provide access to a community of working professionals, which can provide motivation and encouragement when you need it. Being surrounded by other people who are working hard can help you stay focused and motivated!

We have a diverse community here at Protowork•Studio in Melbourne, FL.

We are proudly LGBTQIA+ friendly with several of our coworking members coming from minority groups. Our office is also quite balanced in our male and female membership base.

Some additional info:

  • This business is female-, minority-, and LGBTQ-owned
  • Entrepreneur and small business support available
  • Members are invited into our Protowork•Studio slack channel to share local food recommendations (or info on free food), memes, music, and more
  • Our internal mantras are #TeamSupport and #GetThatBread
  • On Steam? We have a Protowork•Studio community Stardew Valley farm!
  • On Spotify? As a member, you can join our Protowork•Studio Spotify playlist

With the positive working environment and the other coworking members here at Protowork•Studio, you might actually enjoy coming into the office!


Coworking spaces often provide amenities such as high-speed internet, printing, utilities, and coffee, which can help you work more efficiently. By providing these amenities, coworking spaces eliminate the need for you to handle these tasks on your own, allowing you to focus on your work.

While we might not have any ping pong tables or beer on tap, we have recently added a Nespresso coffee maker to make amazing espresso or coffee. Not a coffee person? That’s okay, we also have free tea and water!

We also have a cafe next door that serves breakfast and lunch, and can give you recommendations on the best places to eat.

Not too hungry? We have free snacks!

And if you need a quiet place for an important meeting? Our membership plans have included conference room hours (and member discounts for more hours) for your convenience.

Become a Coworking Member Today!

Protowork•Studio is a family-owned and operated coworking office in Melbourne, Florida close to the airport. Right on Wickham Rd, its convenient location makes it an easy choice when you want a quiet shared office to work in on the Space Coast.

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