A unique coworking office situated conveniently near Wickham Rd and the Melbourne, FL airport offering virtual mail, flexible coworking plans, product prototyping, marketing consulting and shipping services.

now soft open for coworking!

Why Protowork•Studio

Why Protowork• Studio

We know what you’re thinking. Does Melbourne, FL and Brevard County really need another coworking space? And now that a lot of people are working from home, are we just beating a dead horse?

Here at Protowork•Studio, we’ve worked from home for a long time. We know what kind of distractions lurk in the WFH shadows… and the isolation that can grow behind Zoom screens and Asana tasks.

And we’ve always been entrepreneurs, thinking up new ideas for businesses and side hustles. If you want to grow something, grow with us at Protowork•Studio.

Come for a nice place to get work done and stay for the camaraderie.

Photo of Protowork Studio Coworking Office in Melbourne, FL

Why choose Protowork•Studio?

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24/7 access

Select plans get 24/7 access through our entry access system


Get access to 3D printing prototyping from Print A Pot

included support

Get tech support and marketing consulting as part of your package

Frequently asked questions

Coworking is working in a shared office environment.

Coworking provides the opportunity to socialize/network, work in the same environment as others without the pressure of a boss or coworkers watching over your shoulder, and the ability to work in a professional office without going to “the office”.

For select plans, you will be able to have 24/7 access to the office so you can work on your own schedule.

Yes, it’s BYOC: Bring Your Own Computer. Don’t forget the charging cable!

You use our address as your mailing address. We take a picture of your mail and use the Anytime Mailbox to send your mail virtually. You’ll be able to choose what we do with every piece of mail received, whether that’s opening and scanning, forwarding, or shredding.

All plans have business address and conference room hours. Everyone with coworking access will be able to get free coffee, high-speed WiFi, tech support and marketing consulting included in their package.

Virtual mail is available as a separate add-on if you would like us to handle your mail.

You can see a full list of included amenities and services on our Services & Pricing page.

Protowork•Studio is open to all coworking members from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern, Monday-Friday. 24/7 members have all-day access and hotdesking members have access from 8 AM – 6 PM via our access control system.

Additional services, such as prototyping, shipping, tech support and marketing consulting are available from 9 AM to 5 PM and may require an appointment.

Protowork•Studio provides access to a number of extra benefits and services.

Access to product prototyping, tech support and shipping is available through Print A Pot.

Access to marketing consulting is available through May Dream Design, LLC.

Protowork•Studio community events include:

  • Networking events to expand your local network for career opportunities, side hustles, and new businesses
  • Gaming events to make friends with other members and to reduce stress
  • Professional development training sessions to learn something new and to gain new skills
  • Marketplace events to promote local businesses and organizations

Yes, we welcome everyone from the LGBTQIA+ community to become members of Protowork•Studio!

Our bathroom is private and unisex.

Our code of conduct for members includes this: Treat everyone with respect and dignity, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, ethnicity, religion, or other group identity.

Yes, Protowork•Studio is available for rent outside of normal business hours (9 AM – 5 PM Eastern, M-F). Schedule your event here!

The Protowork•Studio team

Local and experienced creative entrepreneurs

Mercy Tapscott

Protowork•Studio Owner

Mercy started freelancing in 2009 as a web designer and has worked “remotely” for 11+ years. She is the owner of May Dream Design, LLC, comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and is passionate about marketing.

Sean Tapscott

Sean Tapscott

Protowork•Studio Director

After getting tired of corporate bureaucracy, Sean started his 3D printing business in 2017. He has an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Business Management and Leadership.

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